Audio Art

In this category, I would like to present a project, named ‘Audio sculptures’. As the name suggests, this artwork is based on the art disciplines Dance and Music.  This project expresses my passion for music and dance, most likely being the oldest human artistic way to express oneself.

Music is a language without words, and hence the voice of the soul. One can listen to it thoughtlessly, next to being fascinated by the logic of the composition. Although music is more abstract in comparison to other art forms, it makes people react physically to it, at least that’s what music does to me. Ever since I was little, when I listened to music; I simply had to dance.  In a later stage, I got acquainted with the five rhythms of Gabriella Roth. The five rhythms are called; Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness.  Together they become a wave of energy and movement. Each rhythm requires a different way of moving. I enjoy dancing this way, because of the dynamics and various expressions in it.



The love for music and dance are a source for my sculptures. In the sculptures on dance, I tried to capture the different expressions, while the work inspired by music, is more abstract and the process to depict it, takes more time. I have discovered that it works best when I close my eyes and surrender to the music. Slowly but surely, the images come to life.  These images are captured in sketches and eventually made into sculptures, which have the shape of vinyl.

The Audio-sculptures below are based on earlier compositions and are a reference to different kinds of music.

Frans x Goossens muziekbeelden audio art



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