Vision on the value of Art


‘The appreciation of beauty prevents destruction by making the object irreplaceable. When the world sees me through my own eyes, as is the case with an esthetical experience, it will also appeal to me in a different way. Something is being revealed to me and I am compelled to be still and take it in.  … A fundamental truth about existence is shown to me in the experience of beauty, namely that it is a Gift.’

From: The soul of the World van Roger Scruton 2015

Modern Dance

Dancing with music
Usually we dance with each other, but you can also dance with music. The music then becomes your partner as you adapt your movement to the music. In ballet, music is transformed into movement. Its understanding requires the translation of music into gestures, each with their own meaning and appropriate to the content.
Besides dancing I try to achieve that kind of translation of musical masterpieces into third dimensional space, where movement becomes stilled. I use LP’s; upon which I create my spatial interpretation.
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