“Art … Should be a source of comfort and tranquility for troubled souls …”

“The same destructive forces are also deranging the political, economic, scientific, literary and moral equilibrium of the World and are destroying the fairest fruits of the present civilization…..Even Music, art, and literature, which are to represent and inspire the noblest sentiments and highest aspirations and should be a source of comfort and tranquility for troubled souls, have strayed from the straight path and are now the mirrors of the soiled hearts of this confused, unprincipled and disordered age.”

(Message from the Universal House of Justice 1980)

Art Source

foto: Bronze ARUBU


Inspired by dance
In the bronze ARUBU I have tried to capture an essence of dance. The statue suggests movement from many different angles and lighting. ARUBU also embodies a dancer who, in an intense dance, turns inward and seems in a trance. To dance is, as it is for the spiralling Sufi dancers, a form of meditation. Dancing ‘the Five Rhythms’ of Gabrielle Roth gives strength and is therapeutic. I’ve made a series of statues with the theme dance.

Some of them can be found in the BRONZE Art gallery.