“Every Faith has given rise to a culture which flowered in different forms, …”
(Shoghi Effendi)


‘Over the centuries the human race has given rise to many different cultures throughout the whole world, each with specific eating habits, language, clothing, religious belief, expressions and creativity. In recent years a wave of uniformity is spreading from sea to sea, in an ever faster pace erasing all these cultural characteristics.’ ‘As a response to this wave of uniformity, we bring the principle ’Respect for Diversity’. This does not only include biological diversity but also diversity of locations and cultures, wishes and desires; the unique human element. Diversity enriches the quality of life; strong differences in cultural backgrounds can open the mind and inspire to creative projects.’

From: ‘Cradle to Cradle’ by Michael Braungart & William Mcdonough



Photo: Vanda Orchid


Our living environment                                                                         All that grows and blooms excites me.For years I collected tropical orchids, that bloomed with spectacular flowers. This wonderful plant family shows a marvellous diversity of 20.000 species. Because of their rarity they are now severely protected and I keep to cultivated species.