My name is Frans Goossens and I am a sculptor and architect. Curiosity is one of my principal characteristics and I have a wide range of interests. Sources of inspiration to me are nature, exotic cultures, music, dance and spirituality. Even though these are major topics, I believe that by actively focusing on them and dealing with them in different ways, it can generate profound inspiration. Mere observational skills are therefore not enough for me; the viewer should be able to empathize with the artist’s intention.

In the same way, the beholder is invited to actively discover the sculptures. Each work of art changes its shape by observing it from different angles. Similarly as an artwork can capture movement, one can experience motion by changing the position of the artwork. For this reason, in my opinion, the garden is the most suitable place for a sculpture. My sculptures are stylized figurative and organic abstract objects.

Preferably, I work with stone and bronze. Casting in bronze can be done in many ways. Plaster, clay, wax or found materials can be cast into bronze by using flexible molds.

An artwork in stone demands a totally different approach. The quality, hardness, colour and the drawing of the stone define the expression and shape of the sculpture. A lump of stone doesn’t surrender easily and artistically challenges me.

Stone: Each stone has its own story to tell and therefor every sculpture is unique. Michelangelo’s description of a hidden image, already existing in the stone which needs to be freed by the artist, attracts me. As much as possible, I try to maintain the individuality of the stone. The characteristics reveal themselves in the fractures or in the weathering of the stone. This is when the stone begins to unveil its story.

Bronze: I work according to the lost wax method. Wax is a beautiful material to shape as it enables the artist to use rough and precise modelling techniques. The fluid bronze duplicates the wax model perfectly. Specifically for the suggestion of movement or fragile details bronze is a magnificent material. Contrasts in surfaces, polished elements and colourful patinas are additional resources for the composition.

Vision: During my participation in the development aid project in Haiti, my vision on the meaning of life was constantly challenged. In this period I found the answers to my questions and this revived my spirituality. Since my return to The Netherlands I strive for harmony and unity in the world. My dedication to art has deepened, which I try to portray in my work. If my work emotionally reaches people and attributes to the internal harmony, then I consider myself a blissful man.