My Public art is mostly commissioned.  As an architect, I am used to listen to the wishes of the client and to represent them. If desired, a design from my collection could be enlarged. Taking the budget and destination in mind, size and materials are chosen.

Portraits of memorable people or loved ones, like children, are mostly done in commission as well.  To me, the portrait has succeeded when the sculpture evokes an emotional shock of recognition.

A bronze or stone sculpture can be very suitable as a garden statue. The objects come to live perfectly in the garden, because of the surrounding. The garden becomes more imaginative and unique.

The fountain ‘The Three Elements’ was made in the centre of a city. The commissioner had quite some requirements. Summarized, the fountain had to be waterproof, vandal-proof and legionella-proof. To meet the requirements, galvanised steel was used, next to heavy boulders in a small pond. In this artwork the elements water, earth and fire are symbolized.



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