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    This website gives an impression of my vision on art and of my artworks. [NL] Op deze site treft u een impressie van mijn kijk op kunst en mijn werken.

  • Mankind

    Art is an ancient beauty!

  • Meditation

    The source of crafts, sciences and arts is the power of reflection

  • Faith

    “In this wonderful new age, art is worship”

  • Art Source

    “Art ... Should be a source of comfort and tranquility for troubled souls ..."

  • The Artist

    Is it possible for a painting to be a masterpiece and the painter to be deficient in his craft, notwithstanding that he is its creator?

  • Architecture

    “It is natural for the heart and spirit to take pleasure and enjoyment in all things that show forth symmetry, harmony and perfection.”

  • Music

    “Verily, we have made Music as a ladder for your souls ...”

  • Nature

    “Every Faith has given rise to a culture which flowered in different forms,……”

  • Dans

    “In this wonderful new age, art is worship”

My sculptures are stylized figurative or abstract and mainly executed in bronze or stone. They are made for public space or are excellent for private use. My sources of inspiration are nature, different cultures, music, dance and spirituality.

Hopefully, in addition to this overview of my creations, you will also find a moment for reflection and a stimulus for your own creative mind.


Frans x Goossens art

Sculpture in the Castle Gardens of Arcen

Since the beginning of May 2022, this work of art can be seen in a pond of the Castle Gardens of Arcen. It shows a hand and a drop of water that runs through the fingers. If you want to contain water, usually two hands make a bowl. Here, this sculpture is above the water, that must be related. An open hand and spread fingers show that the drop is allowed to fall. A dewdrop to fill the pond?

More layers of meaning can be discovered in this artwork. With a surprising exhibition in Bergen at the end of last year, the public was asked to submit their story with this image. Judie wrote: “For me ‘Let go’ is the perfect a title. Let go of the ‘old’ life, think about how to embrace the new.” She also sees passage and giving space to the Maas in this image.

The definitive title has now been released: “The Divine Gift”. This refers to the origin of nature, to the bearer of that life-giving water. It also implicitly refers to our responsibility to handle this gift with care. Come and see the work in the Castle Gardens of Arcen.

Frans X Goossens





Recently I was also in the news with my bronze sculpture “Arubu”: